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A vital pulp therapy procedure performed to encourage continued physiological development and formation of the root end, frequently used to describe vital pulp therapy performed to encourage the continuation of this process.



A method to induce the formation of vital tissue to grow back in place of the necrotic pulp tissue mainly in open apex teeth.


Post Removal

A procedure to remove a post from inside the tooth. A post is a custom or preformed rod that is fitted and cemented into the root canal of an endodontically treated tooth for core retention.


Silver Point Removal

This is an old technique that was used more in the past. The silver point is a rigid radiopaque cone produced from almost pure silver in a variety of sizes, usually corresponding to the diameters and tapers of root canal files, historically used to obturate root canals in conjunction with a sealer.


Separated Instrument Removal

Since the canals inside the teeth are very narrow with often many complexities in the shape, diameter and length, the instruments used during the endodontic (root canal) treatment could separate and stay inside the tooth. In our office we use many techniques to retrieve these separated instrument.


Perforation Repair

Perforation is a communication between the root canal system (the inside of the tooth) and the external tooth surface, which could be due to pathological or mechanical reasons. We use different materials and techniques to repair these communications to avoid future leakage and re-infection of the tooth.

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