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Periapical Surgery 

Dr. Saad

Mina Saad , Endodontist , Root Canal Treatment
Mina Saad , Endodontist , Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Mina Saad received his doctorate degree of dental medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine in 2005. After practicing general dentistry in Pennsylvania for four years, Dr. Saad earned his Endodontic Certificate from the Department of Endodontics, University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

Dr. Saad is Board Certified in Endodontics as a Diplomate. Board certification requires successful completion of an advanced education program in endodontics followed by a written examination, a case history examination and an oral examination.


American Board of Endodontics (ABE) Diplomate status is only awarded to qualified endodontists who have demonstrated diagnostic skill, clinical proficiency, and professional judgment of level that promotes the highest quality of care for patients

Dr. Saad served as an adjunct assistant professor at the endodontic (root canal) clinic at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He also served as an instructor at the Medically Compromised Clinic, in which patients with severe medical problems received extensive dental treatment. Additionally, Dr. Saad served as an instructor at U Penn’s Microscope training center, a continuing education course for endodontists and general dentists from all over the world.


Apart from dentistry, Dr. Saad enjoys traveling, playing racquetball, and playing soccer with his wife, Christine.

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Root Canal Treatment

A procedure to remove the vital or necrotic pulp tissue (nerve) from inside the root canal system (canals) located within the tooth followed by cleaning, shaping and obturating the canals.

Root Canal Retreatment

If a patient had an endodontic (root canal) treatment in the past and developed a problem after that, they can have the tooth retreated. Retreatment is a procedure to remove the root canal filling materials from the tooth, followed by cleaning, shaping, and obturating the canals

Apicoectomy or Root-End Surgery

The surgical removal of the apical portion of a root and adherent soft tissue, may be performed in advance of root-end preparation for a root-end filling or as a definitive treatment..

Root Resection or Root Amputation

In case there is a localized problem involving one particular root of the tooth. This particular root can be surgically removed along with the adherent soft tissues leaving the crown of the tooth intact and supported by remaining root(s).


In children and young teenagers the teeth are not fully formed yet. A growing tooth is called an immature tooth or an open apex tooth. Apexification is a method to induce a calcified barrier in a root with an open apex or the continued apical development of an incompletely formed root in teeth with necrotic pulps.


A vital pulp therapy procedure performed to encourage continued physiological development and formation of the root end, frequently used to describe vital pulp therapy performed to encourage the continuation of this process.

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